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About Charlee

I have been an advocate for all good things most of my life. I have challenged the ideas of creating change as a young woman growing up in Los Angeles. I live by the concept of creating positive change and after hearing the news of my mom’s recent diagnosis, I knew that this would be my next cause to champion. 


My Uncle Les passed away last year from cancer, It was disheartening to watch, I hated what this chronic illness could do. When hearing the news about my mom it really changed my attitude, I wasn’t going to let another person I love leave because of this life threatening disease. I know my mom will not allow this illness to overcome her life, she will fight and make it a part of her story. My mom’s positive attitude has encouraged me to view this tragedy as a way to solve a problem.  I am grateful for the opportunity to help create change that I never would have imagined. Please join me in helping to fight all cancer related illnesses throughout the World. Together let’s find a cure!


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