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About Charlee

I have been an advocate for all good things most of my life. I have challenged the ideas of creating change as a young woman growing up in Los Angeles. I live by the concept of creating positive change and after hearing the news of my mom’s diagnosis, I knew that this would be my next cause to champion. 


A week and a day after my birthday, in October of 2023, my mother passed away. It was so depressing to witness; I detested the things that this chronic sickness could cause. My mother battled valiantly to try to stop this illness from taking over her life. I am confident that in the future, others won't have to see the death of a loved one due to cancer thanks to advancements in the field. I am appreciative of the chance to contribute to a change I never would have thought possible. Please join me in assisting in the global battle against all cancer-related disorders.”Together let’s find a cure!”


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